The World’s Leading Historical Furniture Shop

115 S. Wilson Ave, Jefferson, Iowa

RVP~1875, the world’s leading historical furniture shop and museum, is located in the Milligan Lumber, building (National Historic Registry). Owner, Robby Pedersen, is a Master Furniture Maker with over 20 years experience, who has built over 900 pieces of historically accurate furniture using only the tools, techniques and finishes used in 1875 Iowa.  On display is the Midwest’s largest working set of 19th Century woodworking tools, including an 1860’s foot-powered lathe, an 1870’s hand-crank ripsaw, and over 500 different hand planes.  The showroom displays over 100 of Robby’s prototype pieces of furniture, each with a story of historical significance.  Robby passionately shares his love of historic furniture making and how it relates to Iowa history with his visitors.RVP Pictures 838

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