Order Process

Buying an heirloom from RVP~1875 is a unique experience.  Each piece is as individualistic as the person ordering.

Below the process of ordering is outlined. Please contact us for more information.

Now that you’ve fallen in love with a piece of RVP~1875 furniture and you know the size and options you want, you will need to decide which wood you would like.  Robby works 17 different types of wood, all native to Iowa in 1875.  You may have noticed that each piece has a price range.  This range in price is determined by the wood a customer chooses and hinges upon the density of that wood.  Less dense woods such as Pine, Fir, or Cedar fall at the lower end of the price scale while harder woods like Oak, Walnut, or Locust, fall at the upper end.  Woods such as Poplar, Willow, and Butternut are in the middle of this range.

The second decision that must be made is the color you would like on your piece.  Customers generally find a piece on the floor or website they like, and we color their piece to match.  Robby makes all of our dyes in the exact way they did in 1875, boiling Walnut husks and tinting with raspberries, onion skins, etc. so adjusting the color to your liking is no problem.  Also, customers decide how much character they like in their piece.  Knots and plane marks are present in all our pieces, but the amount can be controlled.  That is entirely up to you.

Finally, you will choose your hardware.  We show many different hand-forged options on our prototype pieces so chances are you will see something you like.  If you have something specific in mind that we don’t have, we can have most anything created for you by a blacksmith.

Historically, furniture makers worked off of a waiting list, and that’s just how we do it here at RVP~1875.  A down payment of 1/3 the total price of your piece holds your place on the waiting list.  The remainder of the balance is due upon completion.  Robby will happily deliver most anywhere if you cover our travel expenses.

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