RVP~1875 offers three-day classes for those who want to learn the techniques & tools of the trade, as well more about wood & the history of the furniture trade in the setting of a working historical shop.

Students build & take home their choice of one of four pieces such as a bench, bookcase, a¬†wall cupboard, or trunk from the RVP~1875 signature line, which is based on rural utilitarian furniture made in Iowa in the 1870’s. ¬†Students learn and use the dovetail and groove joints which make our furniture so strong.

Upcoming Class Dates – Click here for the calendar

Cost for the Beginner’s Class is $350 (covers wood and 24 hours of instruction)

Cost for the Advanced Class is $350 (covers wood and 24 hours of instruction)

Workshops run from 1-9pm on Friday, and 9-5pm on Saturday & Sunday.

Additional classes, for groups of 5-8 as scheduling allows, are also available.

If you are interested in enrolling for a session or would like additional information, Contact Us Here. Private lessons and work-space are also available.

Make your weekend a full-fledged woodworking vacation. Bonus-size your weekend by adding on additional days to either deluxe your piece with molding, interior extras, dye & finish, etc, or build a second piece.

Join us for an unforgettable experience. Makes a perfect gift! Contact Us Today to reserve your spot at the bench.